Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Will She?

Will She?
Will she waltz her way into my life
And teach me how beautiful has been my strife.
Barefoot and mischievous
she’ll be one to look out for
The apple of my eye
she’ll be my biggest star.
I’ll love her and keep her like a queen would, a princess
I’ll also remember not to let her get used to any excess.
She’ll know me to be her friend
Forever a ear ready to lend.
I’ll teach her about life and love
And give her everything from my treasure trove.
She’ll grow up to be the epitome of grace and elegance
a symbol of youthful spirit and energy.
She will bring to my life harmony.
Will she?

Silent Conversations

Silent Conversations

When the sound of silence
is impregnated with words
the air all around is heavy with expression.
When the tongue fails but the eyes speak.
When all over and everywhere,
the basil plant, and the swift hare
all flora, fauna tide and mountain
Speak without a sound
And water flows as if in a symphony
When the spoons clang in swirling cups of tea
And what emanates is sheer expression.
Such are Nature's Silent Conversations.


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