Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Will She?

Will She?
Will she waltz her way into my life
And teach me how beautiful has been my strife.
Barefoot and mischievous
she’ll be one to look out for
The apple of my eye
she’ll be my biggest star.
I’ll love her and keep her like a queen would, a princess
I’ll also remember not to let her get used to any excess.
She’ll know me to be her friend
Forever a ear ready to lend.
I’ll teach her about life and love
And give her everything from my treasure trove.
She’ll grow up to be the epitome of grace and elegance
a symbol of youthful spirit and energy.
She will bring to my life harmony.
Will she?

Silent Conversations

Silent Conversations

When the sound of silence
is impregnated with words
the air all around is heavy with expression.
When the tongue fails but the eyes speak.
When all over and everywhere,
the basil plant, and the swift hare
all flora, fauna tide and mountain
Speak without a sound
And water flows as if in a symphony
When the spoons clang in swirling cups of tea
And what emanates is sheer expression.
Such are Nature's Silent Conversations.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Lament to God The Almighty

God is believed to be the Supreme force! Capable of all concievable and in conceivable feats. I have always believed so...and He for His part has never spared a single opportunity to prove his mettle to me...
Being a person of multiple job profiles, I have had the opportunity to play "teacher teacher" in a real school setup...one task that I have found more challenging than cracking an exam has been to set up an exam paper...
God just proved his mettle to me in this task that I have found unfailingly daunting...
Every day he has put me to a new test...a test of wits, guts,strength, courage and patience...
I am appauled by the almost effortless variety of tests He puts me thru...
I can never thank him enough for all that He has blessed me with, but I can never understand where he gets His 'testing ideas' from... whether it is an assistant who advises him bot the same...I don't know...
God, are you listening oops reading?
Please give me a break...

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Courier Woes

I have no doubts about the fact that at one point or another all of us have had to rely upon the dismal (dis)services of private courier companies...
My experience with courierwalas dates to the time when I was still in the dating stages of my romance-filled journey through life...
My then boyfriend was a GC (arey Genteleman Cadet...{dekhiye tabhi se gentleman hain humare woh}) in IMA (arey Indian Medical Association nahi Indian Military Academy) Dehradun. That was the first time I became aware of the disadvantages of living in the central part of the country...I goaded him with gifts of all conceivable shapes sizes and weights...and its only now that I realise how difficult(read impossible) it must have been for the poor guy to carry all of those crazy things so far...
I am not going to belittle the postal department's contribution towards aiding me and my bf to weather out that period of separation...(we could well have been mistaken for conjoined twins or hauled up by moral police for PDA...public display of affection..)
We wrote an average of 4 letters a week...not 7 because he was so busy being rodgered at the Academy...and I was too busy trying to get to hear his voice...(mobiles were not an epidemic till then...and STD PCOs had rates determined by time slabs)
Letters were routine, as were cards...so in one of my solo brainstorming sessions I decided to do something really special for my bf.
I racked my brains till it fell numb and then an idea struck me...
I decided to bake coconut cookies for him and COURIER them to him...
I was too naive to realise that it was going to turn out to be the first in a series of (dis)services that the courierwalas were to render to me...
I still remember distinctly…it was pouring cats and dogs…and soaked to the skin on my way back from my ordeal (read classes) at the Univ…I stopped by at a rather lecherous looking grocer to buy the necessary ingredients. Reached home and started what was my clandestine operation…(I hadn’t announced my bf to my parents till then)
The cookies were all baked and ready to be sent…but how??
No courier service providers seemed ready to deliver a parcel carrying perishables to Dehradun. Desperate as I was, I deviated (for the first time and never after then) from my firm resolve of not bribing any individual for a personal gain!!
I paid the guy precious 100 bucks saved from my already meager pocket money to accept the parcel and deliver it to my love…(as if he would have famished to death without the coconut cookies)
To cut a long and agonizing wait of hearing/reading that the cookies had been received and relished…my bf wrote note: Thanx dear for the coconut powder you sent…sweet of you to remember I really like it!! The cookies had been crumbled to powder! All thanx to the courier service, I had baked coconut cookies and sent the same…!! I wrote back.
My next stint with the courier companies came when I had already married the receiver of my coconut powder. (yes he still married me!!) On a trip back home I happened to accompany a friend to her aunt’s place who was into the crafts. (No ideas please, I didn’t need the intervention of witchcraft till then) I saw this amazing glass corner table made in keeping with the then fad of fusion furniture, I totally fell for it and decided to acquire the art of making this myself…This happened at a time when my husband was posted in the far-flung north east. The table was made and well appreciated by one and all…now the question of transporting it to the location of my husband’s posting arose. My loving father decided to use the services of the renowned Gati couriers to accomplish the task.
I was packed off to my house and the table was to follow suit…After a period of 22 days (as against the promise of 10) the table reached a station that was 8 hrs away from my place of residence. Incidently hubby dear heard of someone who was to return from there. He was contacted and requested to carry my rather heavy parcel. The parcel arrived…in countless pieces of shiny glass…Gati couriers ne meri table ki durgati kar di hi…
And I couldn’t even sue them or claim damages as it was not their responsibility as at the the time of receipt the person in question had not examined it and intimated them about the breakage…
Years went by and I abstained from employing the services of any courier company as I mistrusted them all equally…
A very dear friend turned 30 this year…inspite of my best efforts I couldn’t be there to give her solace…(solace as she had nightmares about “turning 30” and I had promised to be there to help her cope with the “Shit man I’m 30 now” syndrome) Now my absence merited a gift in the least. My bf turned hubby was of the opinion that it would have been more worthwhile to spend the same time and energy for finding her an ideal match rather than an ideal gift, I turned a deaf ear and with great results. So just before I went berserk, I finally decided on an ideal gift for her, a silhouette of a beautiful damsel with big fashionable curls at the end of her long tresses crafted in 92.5% silver into a bookmark. I thought this was the ideal embodiment of forever youth for her…Courier was my only mode of having it delivered to her in the state where she lives. A 100 gm parcel packed well and couriered with the promise of a 48 hour express delivery…I have a feeling both me and my friend must have spent enough for a on way ticket to her city of residence on phone trying to track that courier enroute …She received the same when I had given up hope…she saw the bookmark and loved it 15 days after I had seen it last!!
A dear friend of mine mentioned that he had to courier some official documents of an urgent nature to UK and told me that it would cost a bomb…2000 bucks…I couldn’t help but suggest: Send it through air mail and it is likely to reah sooner…he laughed it off!!
I just got a call from him saying he wished he had listened to me…a week had passed and the ‘urgent’ documents were still awaited by his UK counterparts!!
I smiled to myself and decided not to give in to the temptation of the “I told you so” syndrome…and expressed my not-heartfelt sympathies at the plight that the delayed courier had caused him!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The weight(wait)) is over

As I write this I have a series of REALLY mixed feelings running through my head (or is it heart or elsewhere...??)
Valentine's has come as it always does on the 14th of February every year and I am planning a small do exclusively for my hubby(Abhi) dear and me...a candlelight dinner and a ball-dance session if we get into the mood...
What's the menu? Soup and more soup and if the celebration excitement makes me want to binge then oats and milk...
Hasn't been long since I have...souping!
The results are amazing but not as amazing as the chocolates I'm not eating, or the burgers that stare at me with a longing to meet my salivary secretions...
I know it's (supposed to be) motivating be neither moti nor (2 kgs lesser is ceratinly less weighted)weighted on Valentines and I also know that the weight is coming to an end...but I'm only too eager that the wait for all the goodies, albeit in moderation to return to my sweet starved life...
If you find this sense of humour rather warped...so be it...what else do you expect out of a sweet-starved body and energy starved brain.
May I celebrate another day in Feb with all that calls for a Valentines Day celebration like chocolate and cheese and champagne.
Inshallah to that...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blogging Ettiquettes

Being the prim and proper types that I am...I just realised that there sure has to be some kind of a documentation that lays down some etiquettes for Bloggers the world over...
Topping the list according to me should be the extension of a basic courtesy of reciprocating comments as and when someone keys them in for a post of yours...
What say people...

I have arrived!

Hi All,
The title of my first ever blog says it all!
I am so thrilled at having made it to the blogging scene(after much effort and failure) I feel like I have arrived in life rather than just the blogging scene...I wouldn't call myself technically-challenged, but I'd be exaggerating if I said I am techno-savvy...I am more like techno-moody, when I am 'in the mood' I can surmount (ok atleast research and grasp) the most technical stuff, otherwise you would be polite not to call me a dhh...
Writer's blog, and writer's block are common terms, I am rejoicing so much as I have just overcome the blogging block...
An old friend of mine was instrumental in inspiring me just right to this quirk of moodiness, he said it is an excellent way to vent out steam...ok including professional grudges (that sure come in plenty) or successes (which your boss sure will never keep track of) Sounded like a purging activity...and I don't think he could be closer to the truth...thanx buddy...
Hoping I will keep learning...and share the purgings and random musings with all those who care to keep themselves updated...


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